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What is psychotherapy?

The origin of the term psychotherapy is derived from the Ancient Greek psyche (meaning “breath; spirit; soul”) and Therapeia (“healing; medical treatment). Psychotherapy is a psychological treatment but moreover, it’s an experience. It requires a meeting of at least two people, but it can also be delivered in a group.

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Antidepressants work, so why is there still stigma?

Doctify Psychologist, Ms Gabriela Van Den Hoven, talks to YahooStyleUK about how new research on the effectiveness of antidepressants could help reduce the stigma that still surrounds the treatment. You can view the full article here: What are your thoughts on taking Antidepressants?

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Is Mental Illness Real? Jay Watts Article

We have just read an article from The Guardian by Jay Watts, a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and senior lecturer working in London. She writes widely, and tweets as ‘Shrink at Large‘. Jay is asking ‘Is mental illness real?’. We found this article to be very insightful. Please do follow the

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