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Gabriela van den Hoven, Clinical Psychologist AFBPSsS
Gabriela van den Hoven, Clinical Psychologist AFBPSsS


Deciding to see a therapist is an important step that requires courage as well as acceptance of the difficulties that life might have confronted you with. However, it is not unusual for people to feel anxious when having to book the first appointment. These feelings are normal and a sign that you are starting the therapeutic work.

Anxiety and Awareness of something not quite working is the first step in finding a solution and although there are a myriad of myth surrounding therapy, there is also a great deal of evidence and testimonies that show that it works.

Interventions to break the cycle

Psychotherapy and Psychology can help people of all ages to live a happier and healthier and more satisfying life.

I offer a range of interventions to those wanting to move forward and explore issues that may keep them stuck. These issues can be related to emotions, or simply to unhelpful patterns or ways of functioning that get in the way of you achieving your goals or full potential.

*Therapies are available in English and Spanish*

Therapies I offer

Highly skilled Psychotherapy assessment and treatment for adults Individual

Individual Psychotherapy with a modality approach

Consultation and Supervision

Assessment to determine suitability for Psychotherapy treatment

Assessment to determine suitability for Psychotherapy treatment

Medium to long-term individual Psychotherapy

Psychological assessment

Provision of interventions to assist with social and relationship difficulties

Provision of short-term treatment of co-morbid mental health problems

How does therapy work?

Psychotherapy implies collaborative dialogue between an individual and a therapist. This work is carried out in a professional and supportive environment conducive to exploring and identifying thoughts and patterns of behaviours that prevent you from moving forward and keep holding you back.

Through the course of the treatment these unhelpful thoughts gradually loosen up and are replaced by new ones more in line with what makes you feel at your best.  

What to expect by the end of treatment?

Psychotherapy, can help us to know ourselves better,  to better express what we want and to reach our goals. It can also help us find our compass when we are feeling confused and unable to make decisions.

Not only would you have managed to grapple with the problem that brought you to therapy but by the end you of the treatment you will be better equipped to deal with your personal issues, and be more able to deal with challenges that life might bring.

Registered Practioner

The British Psychological Society
Chartered Clinical Psychologist, British Psychological Society (BPS)
The Health and Care Professions Council
Registered Health Professional Council (HPC)
The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP)
Registered British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP)
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