Psychology and Psychotherapy in London

Providing emotional support to those wanting to move forward and explore issues

Gabriela van den Hoven, Clinical Psychologist AFBPSsS
Gabriela van den Hoven, Clinical Psychologist AFBPSsS

Welcome to VDHoven Therapy

My name is Gabriela van den Hoven and I provide services in Psychology and Psychotherapy. I offer a range of interventions to those wanting to move forward and explore issues that may keep them stuck. These issues can be related to emotions, or simply to unhelpful patterns or ways of functioning. I pride myself in having years of experience of working in the NHS, and in private practice.


I am continually reviewing plans in respect of the Covid-19 virus. At the moment, this means offering treatment via digital means, telephone or videoconference. I am therefore moving away from face-to-face contacts towards meeting e-Consultation on my Top Doctors or Doctify profiles.

There is good evidence that therapy can be delivered competently via different media.

Practical considerations: You will need internet access. Make sure that you have a suitable private space too.

Services I offer

I provide a range of services and believe therapy should be widely available and accessible. I can offer highly skilled psychotherapy assessments and treatments for adults, as well as consultations and supervisions to improve accessibility and acceptance of psychological therapies to the local community.

Supporting you through

Anxiety & Stress

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder



Relational Problems


To book offline call me on: 07733 327254 or email